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Securing DNS Communication for Client Systems with dynamic DNS Filtering

Dynamic DNS filtering applications use the DNS system to filter out DNS answers to clients, that query for malicious hosts or content. This traffic between the client and local resolver as well as to upstream nameservers is commonly not protected against attackers....

Music Synthesis from MIDI with RNN/LSTM

This paper gives an overview on music synthesis based on recurrent neural networks (RNNs), especially Long-Short-Term-Memory based RNNs, that will be trained with data extracted from MIDI files and can generate MIDI data on the output side....

Orchestration Service-Mesh Testbed

This paper gives a short overview on deploying a functional testbed for orchestrating a service-mesh via Istio on a Kubernetes cluster with Docker Containers. Orchestration-Service-Mesh-Testbed IEEE PaperHerunterladen The objective of this paper is to demonstrate the...

Mein Leben:

25 Jahre, 3 Geschwister, aufgewachsen als Kölner, immer Kölner geblieben.

Mein Studium:

Studium der Technischen Informatik an der TH Köln, bis 2019 Bachelor
bis 2022 Masterstudium

Meine Arbeit:

Seit 2017 bei der terramedia gmbh als Studentischer Mitarbeiter. Seit 2022 Vollzeit als IT-Consultant.


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